Goshen Local School District

In collaboration with district administrators, Primax Educational Services was contracted with the following projects to proactively address current and future technology needs of Goshen Local School District.  Emphasis for staff aimed at full integration of Google Apps for Education, and to expand capabilities for whole group instruction / engagement thru Apple TV’s and mobile device mirroring technologies.  Emphasis for students was to strengthen the district’s ability to execute state mandated online testing initiatives.

Upgrade 156 staff iMac workstations

  • Install RAM upgrades
  • Create custom OS X 10.9.2 image
  • Re-image all workstations

Update 28 Intervention / IEP Macbook Pro’s

  • Create custom OS X 10.9.2 image
  • Re-image all laptops

Deployment of 110 new student Mac Mini workstations

  • Inventory and asset tag all hardware
  • Create custom student image for each building
  • Image all new workstations
  • Create 4 new testing labs across the district

Deployment of 30 new Macbook Air Laptops

  • Inventory and asset tag all hardware
  • Create custom image
  • Image 30 laptops
  • Assemble Brettford security / charging cart

Update High School Photography Lab

  • Install ram in all workstations
  • Create custom image with latest Adobe Creative Suite
  • Image 16 iMacs

Upgrade Networking

  • Replace old 10/100 mini switches with Gigabit switches
  • Increase Wifi access point densities as needed

Deployment 0f 110 Apple TV’s

  • Inventory and asset tag all hardware
  • Update OS / firmware on all devices
  • Install / connect to projectors in instructional areas
  • Provide staff development for usage of new technology

Staff Purchase Program

  • Provided training / support for annual staff purchase program
  • Assisted with distribution of 200 iPad mini’s, Macbook Air’s, and MacBook Pro’s

End of Life Hardware

  • Collect and document all end of life technology
  • Facilitate scheduling / removal by 3rd party recycling company

School Readiness

  • Update Apps and IOS version on 400+ district iPads
  • Set up and ensure functionality / connectivity of all district staff and student workstations following annual summer cleaning of buildings / classrooms.  This encompasses @ 1000 workstations