St. William School Project

Primax is currently working with the school principal and technology coordinator at Saint William School to implement a technology plan that offers a wider range of technology access and enhances the integration of technology into the curriculum while maintaining a manageable environment. When developing this plan we worked within their budget and started with a network upgrade that included replacing their older network gear with a new managed network switch with gigabit connections to all of their computer lab desktops and offices. We are also working with them on the placement of new UniFi wireless access points throughout their building to allow network access in classrooms previously limited in their technology use.

The core of their technology is the lab of 32 iMacs used to introduce their students to computers and online resources; combined with a mix of classroom computers, laptops, tablets and a second computer lab designed for use by their Lego engineering club, Saint William students are exposed to a wide variety of technology enhanced learning opportunities. The current ongoing project which includes upgrading their lab of iMacs with 4gb’s of RAM; installation of the newest Macintosh OS 10.9.4 and the installation of a new Mac Mini server will allow them to continue to offer a managed user environment on their older iMacs at a classroom and grade specific level throughout the school. With this upgraded network and computers the technology plan now includes extending their use of Google Apps For Education to all staff and students. Primax technicians will work closely with their staff to ensure a complete understanding of GAFE and utilizing technology as a time-saving and critical tool in meeting Saint Williams learning goals as well as state and national education standards and testing.