Mobile Device Management

Whether you are deploying a classroom of mobile devices or planning a one to one deployment, you will need a Mobile Device Management solution. With the wide variety of MDM solutions already available and new solutions being introduced almost daily, you may find yourself overwhelmed by too many choices. Our technicians will work with your IT department, school administrators, teachers and students to help you develop a plan that fits your budget, takes care of your current needs and is flexible enough to grow as more devices are added to your technology plan.

iPad Deployment
Successful iPad deployment requires an understanding of the intended use of your devices. Administrators and teachers may need less management and greater access to sharing and network devices. While students will need a higher level of security and monitoring. We will help you configure each device to fit those needs. While designed as a personal or one-to-one device, many schools choose to use them in a mobile lab or shared environment. We will help you decide the best configuration settings to provide a uniform user experience, while offering a secure connection with minimal administrative overhead.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Planning a “Bring Your Own Device” policy can sometimes look like an impossible task. With over 7000 different types of mobile devices using over 30 different OSes managing or supporting every possible device can confuse entire computer science departments and overwhelm your IT staff. Instead of managing personal devices we’ll help you manage the services they need to use “their” device. Let Primax help you identify your users needs, we’ll develop a support plan that focuses on the services your users need. We’ll work with your IT department to analyze and improve your infrastructure so you can provide your users with a dependable, robust wireless network. We will work with you to implement policies and procedures that allow your users to choose their favorite device to access the services you provide. Most users buy a device because they understand how it works and can be self-supported rather than have to rely on your help desk.